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How Sterling Water Heaters Work:

Our ShabbHOT™ Mode (S-Mode) features a control system which regulates the temperature to an exact degree allowing you to keep the temperature at a permissible level on Shabbat.

The S-mode has a patented system that uses a double random control process, thus removing the operation of the system from being a direct action of hot water usage.

The ShabbHOT™ water heater allows you to better observe the Shabbat by not reaching the “Yad Soledet Bo” temperature.

The ShabbHOT™ Water Heater is endorsed by respected Rabbis



The ShabbHOT™ Water Heater is designed to prevent scalds and burns.


Energy Efficiency:

The ShabbHOT™ Water Heater is designed according to Department of Energy and American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy regulations.

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